What types of things do you deliver?

Roadrunner delivers food, fast food, prescriptions, parcels, groceries, cigarettes, alcohol, business to business goods, letters, parcels… almost anything (legal)!


Which restaurants do you deliver for?

We have an extensive list of restaurants who use our services. See our “Clients” page for a list (we hope we didn’t forget anyone!!)


What if the restaurant I want to order from doesn’t provide delivery?

Easy! Just call the restaurant and place your order as a “pick-up order” and let them know that it will be Roadrunner doing the pick-up. Ask them for a time on when it will be ready (please have them allow us 20 minutes to arrive). Then, call us! We’ll be there at the appointed time and deliver your food hot and ready to enjoy.


What do I do if the restaurant tells me they don’t use your services?

There aren’t too many of those, but if you find one, just give them our number and ask them to call us. We’ll be there as fast as, well, a Roadrunner!


What do I do if there is a problem with my order?

If you have ordered from a restaurant or other type of business, please call them to rectify the issue. If the fix to the problem involves another delivery, they will call us. If your order is a Home Delivery that involves us shopping for you, then call us and we will rectify the issue for you.


What are your hours?

We are open Monday to Thursday 10am to 12am (midnight); Friday and Saturday 10am to 1am; and Sunday 10am to 11pm.


What forms of payment do you take?

Cash, Debit, Visa, Mastercard


How far do you deliver?

For food orders, our delivery range is Medicine Hat, Redcliff, Dunmore so that your food is as freash and hot as possible. For other types of items, or for a quote on delivering other types of items, just call us and we’ll do all we can do to help.


What is a “Home Delivery”?

A “Home Delivery” is an order that you phone into us. For example, someone calling us with a list of groceries they would like us to purchase for them, or someone who calls us to pick up cigarettes or liquor for them, or someone who calls us to pick up an order from a restaurant for them.


Is there a minimum order amount on a home delivery?

No. There are no minimum orders, but Home Order delivery fees apply.


How can I become a Roadrunner?

Send us your resume! We look at them all. For the sake of clarity, however, our criteria are:

Energetic, positive individuals, out-going, flexible, well-groomed, able to engage customers and businesses in a friendly and professional manner, up-to-date insurance, valid drivers’ licence, and a fuel efficient vehicle.


I ordered my food from a restaurant. Why does my bank statement say the charge is from Roadrunner Deliveries?

When a restaurant calls us to deliver for them, we pay for your goods or food at the restaurant. When we get to your door, we collect the funds we have paid to the restaurant for you, hence the charge from Roadrunner Deliveries.