DAVE - Loyal, Witty, Dry

CARRIE - wonderful, compassionate, mischievous

CHERYL - generous, positive, devoted

TERESA - great, willing, cheerful

DONAHVIN - awesome, dependable, intelligent

RYAN - manic, fun, lively

SARA - sweet, keen, dutiful

RANDI - quirky, humble, courteous

CHRIS - spirited, motivated, keen

BRADEN - jovial, personable, wacky

KERRY - cool-headed, unflappable, TALL

ADRIAN - Doc Brown, kind, caring

Roadrunner Deliveries was launched in May of 2015 by husband and wife team Adrian Armstrong and Tura Malott with just two restaurants and three drivers….


Only six months down the road, Roadrunner has over 15 of the best delivery drivers in Medicine Hat and services over two dozen restaurants in and around Medicine Hat, not to mention pharmacies, grocery stores, other small businesses and a host of clients who use our services for home deliveries.

We accomplished this growth through consistent and steadfast dedication to the Mission, Vision and Values we outlined for our company from its inception and our unwavering loyalty to our drivers, their happiness and their success. We believe wholeheartedly that our drivers are the backbone of our company – they are Roadrunners! – and they are the best.


We are all constantly aware that we are only as good as our last delivery - and strive, every time, to be the fastest, the most dependable, and most professional delivery service around. We hope to see you soon!

DWAYNE - plonker, caring, bold

NATHAN - mellow, kind, gentle